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What We Do

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Business Enhancement
We are dedicated to supporting and enhancing the business of our clients who engage, directly or indirectly, in natural resource-based development. We also strive to benefit them by means of our proven resource management expertise, competitive marketing skills and creative business development capability. We provide advisory services to private industry, government, international development agencies, non governmental organizations, regional development banks, and institutional investors. The Company provides guidance to small, medium and large investors seeking advice relating to business, marketing, finance, and social and environmental stewardship.

Innovative Solutions
Gryphon provides novel solutions to improve our client's cash flow, profit margin and environmental performance. The solutions result in a more respectable image in the market place and lead to savings in the use of in-house resources through more effective allocation and outsourcing. This reduces the need for employing permanent staff, alleviates time management problems and reduces overheads. The net effect is an increase in profitability.

Gryphon offers creative solutions for demanding planning & management tasks. We often apply model processes to complex planning and financing tasks, and can provide advanced technical solutions for efficient data storage, processing and retrieval. The solutions and applications provided are tailored to suit the client's needs, and all new technical solutions offered are carefully tested prior to applying them in any operational setting. Our services include base line and optional scenario discussions with our clients for more effective project selection, development and implementation.

Special Capability
We provide a broad range of planning, analytical and management services to natural resource industries. However, over the many years of international experience we have developed a special capability in forestry and forest industries, energy from biomass, carbon sequestration, sustainability, and forest biotechnology development and utilization. Our team-based interdisciplinary approach to problem solving provides effective solutions to our client's most challenging analytical and technical problems in the following areas of Special Capability.