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5931 Pearl Court
Richmond, BC
V7C 5E5

Our Mission and Values

About Us < Vision and Values

To be recognized as a leading technology and business solution provider in natural resource development operating according to strict scientific principles, socio-environmental responsibility and a faith based ethic, producing timely and fair value for our customers, and improving the quality of life of those around us.

Our values are at the heart of our corporate philosophy and our teams function based on the following fundamental beliefs.

  • Relative to Our Customers
    Our teams strive to anticipate, meet and, where possible, exceed the changing needs and expectations of our customers by working to world-class standards, courteously and in full openness and transparency. We work with integrity and an uncompromising commitment to excellence, taking responsibility for the results provided in the expectation that our clients can and will make us accountable. We will only accept work for which we have the resources, capacity and expertise to complete to a high standard.

  • Relative to Our People
    Respect for the individual and each person's integrity is the foundation on which our co-workers build their relationships. Tem work is our trade mark and we encourage productive synergy among our teams, associated specialists and strategic partners. We encourage opportunities for professional development and education, and for the exchange of scientific and business information among our staff and at world fora. Passion, creativity and enthusiasm are essential attributes of those working with us. We encourage and enable our staff to be leaders in promoting equal work opportunities and sustainable development.

  • Relative to Other Stakeholders
    We interact responsibly, constructively and ethically with associates, competitors and other stakeholders in natural resource development, and work to improve the quality of life of present and future generations. We recognize that we have been given special talents and opportunities, so we dedicate a portion of our efforts to improving the resources we work with and society at large. Our people advocate social and environmental responsibility with all we do business or come in contact with.

Please let us know if we are ever in breach of our principles……. We would like to remain true to them at all times 

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