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5931 Pearl Court
Richmond, BC
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Our Team

Network Approach Core Group < Associated Specialists < Strategic Partners

For the purpose of always deploying the most qualified team for any given project, we have struck strategic alliances with highly qualified companies and organization to complement our in-house capabilities when a particular skill, technical know-how or larger group of experts is required. Our strategic partners are all internationally recognized companies, organizations and institutions working in specialized natural resource activities such as:

Process & Industrial Engineering Environmental Sciences & Conservation
Resource Economics Education & Training
Forestry Genetics, Tree Breeding & Molecular Biology Policy Development & Governance
Remote Sensing, Resource Inventory & Mapping Applied Research
Forestry Engineering & Processing Accounting & Auditing
Certification Investment & Merchant Banking

Our strategic alliances allow us to work with confidence in a comprehensive range of subjects associated with natural resource development, management and conservation, and to deliver valuable and timely work to our clients worldwide.

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