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Our Team

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Network Approach
Should the scope of a project exceed Gryphon's direct capabilities, we specialize in assembling and leading multidisciplinary teams. The teams are selected from our extensive network of associated scientists and professionals with a broad range of international experience in design, engineering, construction and stewardship of natural resources. Our associates tend to be influential leaders in the private, public, and NGO sectors, and are frequently part of, or affiliated with, the world's most prestigious research organizations and Universities.

For each assignment a team of experts is created that is carefully matched to the project objectives and characteristics of the natural resource(s) involved. The Gryphon teams are formed and operated as fully integrated units by lowering disciplinary walls and fostering open and effective communication between members. The Gryphon teams will often involve regional specialists familiar with local economic, social, language, and other conditions to provide a more realistic and efficient solution to the problem at hand.

Network Approach