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Core Group

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The Gryphon core group is international and multilingual, allowing us to work comfortably in a range of cultures and languages.

Our core group individual backgrounds range from industry to academia and from government to institutional financing. Together we have a combined experience of working in more than 25 countries. Most of the core group members have higher degrees in natural resource economics, planning and management, engineering or biological sciences, and many have worked in the natural resource sector for over 25 years.


Alfonso Casasempere Dr. Alfonso Casasempere - President and Director Development & Investment

Dr. Casasempere's combines a strong academic training with over 27 years of engineering, resource development and business experience.  With degrees in Forestry Engineering, M.F. (Economics), and a Ph.D. in economics and planning, he has achieved international recognition in a variety of activities, including project planning and evaluation, financial and economic appraisal, feasibility studies, management, marketing and finance, resource development, joint ventures, technology transfers, and investment.  Dr. Casasempere has identified and managed international development projects for the Canadian Government, Inter-American Development Bank, Organisation of American States, United Nations, World Bank and the private sector world-wide.  He has taught graduate courses at Canadian Universities in economics, planning and trade.  Fluent in several languages he has travelled and lived in many countries, and been extensively exposed to international development, management and finance. Dr. Casasempere is a co-founder and the current President of Gryphon Resources. Click here to see his detailed resume (PDF).

Vancouver, BC: 1 604 275-5947


Jonathan Gage Mr. Jonathan Gage - Director Corporate Finance

Mr. Gage is an international trade and finance specialist with over 25 years of experience in investment banking, corporate finance and trade & investment policy. His academic qualifications and professional distinctions include degrees in science and business, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and in international law & economics. He has achieved Canadian and international recognition in business planning, intellectual property valuations and financial management. Mr. Gage has been instrumental in raising seed and operating capital for start-up natural resource and electronic technology companies, and has personally overseen capital market transactions totalling in excess of US$2.7 billion. He has experience in orchestrating initial public offerings (IPOs), mergers and acquisitions, equipment financing, and operating leases for world-wide clients. Click here to see his detailed resume (PDF).

London, UK: 44 20 8878-4632


David Cartwright Mr. David Cartwright - Director Management & Marketing

Mr. Cartwright's professional background blends a formal academic training and a continuing education program with a practical career that spans a 30-year period of program management, marketing, resource development and investment experience. He has directed major marketing programs for the government, has undertaken numerous international consultancies for specialized firms, worked with equipment manufacturers to develop international markets for their products, and has provided consulting services to international organizations that include the World Bank, FAO, and the International Model Forest Network. He has achieved world-wide recognition in a variety of activities and has been invited to participate in numerous international conferences. He was the keynote speaker in Argentina on a recent Latin American Trade Mission led by the Canadian Prime Minister.  During most of his life he has practiced as a consultant providing services to a wide range of agencies, industry trade organizations, investors and private sector companies. Fluent in English and Spanish, he has worked in over fifty countries, including China, India, Japan and other East Asian nations which he has visited frequently in pursuit of marketing, investment and technology transfer projects. To China alone he has traveled more than twenty times in the last twenty five years. Mr. Cartwright is a co-founder of Gryphon Resources. Click here to see his detailed resume (PDF).

Vancouver, BC: 1 604 266-0158


George Alexander Mr. George Alexander (Sandy) Constable - Director Energy & Climate Change

Mr. Constable has a B.A.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, a M.Sc. in Mathematics and a Master of Arts in Economics. He is a well-respected specialist in resource economics, project planning and appraisal, alternative transportation fuels, energy recovery from biomass, hydroelectricity, climate change and investment. Early in his career and with two other partners, he founded and operated Canadian Resourcecon Limited, a successful Canadian economic consulting firm that focused on providing economic analysis of energy, natural resources and environmental topics. Mr. Constable is an expert business plan writer and has extensive experience in liquid natural gas utilization for transportation. He has directed projects in Canada and abroad, having been involved in the evaluation and appraisal of investments into the wood products industry, power co-generation, certification and marketing of greenhouse gases, alternative energy and technology transfer to Chile, Malaysia, India, Russia and Australia. Click here to see his detailed resume (PDF).

Vancouver, BC: 1 604 730-2815


Michael J. Carson Dr. Michael J. Carson Director Genetics & Molecular Biology

With Ph.D. in forestry genetics, Dr. Carson is an experienced forestry geneticist and tree breeding specialist. He is a world-wide authority in the application of innovative forest biotechnologies for advanced genetic development and improvement of the quality and value of future forests. Experienced in tissue culture, DNA markers and genetic engineering he has successfully developed faster and better growing trees with more desirable characteristics and higher market potential, all while sustaining gains made through classical tree improvement. Dr. Carson has managed and led forestry research organizations in New Zealand, and provided extensive consultancy services to forest industry and institutional clients in Australia, United States, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Brazil, and Argentina, including a number of forestry research cooperatives. Dr. Carson has been involved in managing the New Zealand Radiata Pine Breeding Cooperative (which recently became the Radiata Pine Breeding Company) since 1989. Click here to see his detailed resume (PDF).

Rotorua, New Zealand: 64 7 357-4244