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Richmond, BC
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Special Capability

What We Do < Special Capability

  • Forestry & Forest Industries
  • Green-house Gas Credits
  • Green Power
  • Resource Conservation
  • Alternative Fuel Systems
  • Green Power

Resource Analysis & Feasibility Studies

Resource Analysis & Feasibility Studies
If you are contemplating development, acquisition, or expansion of a natural resource-based business, Gryphon can undertake a comprehensive production analysis and detailed feasibility study. We will investigate all factors affecting the business' long-term raw material supply and output, and give you a complete breakdown of available volumes, procurement costs, competition, markets, physical conditions, and other key factors impacting on future performance. With our comprehensive research you will have all the essential information necessary for properly evaluating and/or implementing the project.

Business Plans & Projections
When you have decided to proceed with a venture, Gryphon can help you develop a complete business plan and financial projections suitable for presentation to prospective investors and lenders, as well as for project start-up and management. Our business plans include a concise Executive Summary; detailed analyses of the Company, Industry, Target Markets, Marketing & Sales Strategy, Operations, Management & Organization, Long-term Development & Exit Strategy, detailed Financial Projections; and Supporting Data. All information is provided in hard copy or electronic format.

Development Training & Start-up Management
When you begin a new endeavour, we can help you expedite your start-up process. We will organize your field and plant operations, including new production capacity to run at maximum efficiency. In the case of energy from biomass or a straight forestry project we will for example initiate your plantation establishment and/or timber procurement, harvesting, contracting, marketing, scaling, plant development and production, sales accounting, and administrative procedures. We will help you recruit and train new personnel. And we will insure a smooth transition to management by your permanent staff.

Technical Studies
When you need answers to complex technical issues such as advanced forestry genetics, breeding and biotechnology, or new and more effective fuel systems, biomass utilization or green power plants, Gryphon will do the investigative research, collect and analyze the data, search the world for the most advanced technology and present practical solutions for your most stubborn problems. We will transfer the best technology to you and, need be, test the new systems and products prior to entering into large scale production. Furthermore, we will assist with actual project implementation, financing and operation to ensure that you reach your desired goals.

Crisis Resolution
When the worst happens, you can put your natural resource related problem in our hands. We will take charge. We will ask the hard questions, and need be negotiate and arbitrate on your behalf. We will also help you take corrective action to resolve the matter in your best interest in the shortest time possible.

Management, Procurement, & Marketing
If your business is conserving or managing natural resources including:

  • Wildlife reserves
  • Protected Eco-Systems
  • Water and Watersheds
  • Land Reclamation Programs

Or you are into buying, producing or selling:

  • Timberlands
  • Logs
  • Lumber
  • Wood Based Panels
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Green-house Gas Credits
  • Alternative Fuel Systems
  • Green Power

We can help you manage your resources efficiently and sustainably, or find products, machinery and equipment for you to buy as well as markets for your output. Should you need to finance your trade or production, we can suggest funding sources or act in an investment banking capacity to ensure your access to investors and competitive capital markets. Given half a chance we will find an effective business solution to your forestry, energy or market development problem.