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Information and the timely access to it is the key to an effective functioning in the era of communications. To this end we offer our clients, colleagues and industry at large, three sources of valuable information in the hopes of assisting them in their daily work, health and life styles. All our information and newsletters are free of charge and made available as part of our pro bono activities.

We only ask that when you access any of our documents that you give us your name, company and e-mail address for security and site management purposes. In exchange we undertake to keep this information confidential and not to divulge it to anyone with out your permission (see our "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Use" webpages).

Sources You Can Access
You will find three sources of information here:

  • Quirks & Tips - a newsletter circulated periodically to our clients and contacts with interesting scientific, political, socio-economic and lifestyle information. On occasion the newsletter includes articles dealing with projected world changes and how to prepare for them. Our vision of the future and that of leading personalities and think tanks is also offered.

  • Gryphon Online - for clients to download valuable research and development articles published and/or produced by Gryphon, its associates and other prominent world specialists.

  • Bookstore - A section for cutting-edge reference material in the Company's fields of interest.

Just follow the links to each page, click and download what is of interest to you.