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Representative Projects

Fundación Chile/Sociedad Austral de Electricidad S.A./Canadian Resourcecon Ltd.
Santiago, Chile
Power Station
Feasibility study of a biomass fired thermal-electric power station in Southern Chile. The study evaluated a range of installed capacity and two plant locations, including: a site next to a large sawmill and remanufacturing plant for shared energy facilities and easy sourcing of waste wood; and a site in remote Chiloé Island offering a captive electricity market and low cost wood supply
NLK & Associates/ENEFER Consultoria Proyectos S.A.
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Pulp & Paper Engineering Company
Joint venture between a Brazilian and Canadian engineering company to establish a pulp and paper engineering firm in Brazil The assignment included planning, establishing and managing the joint venture company in Sao Paulo, and marketing and managing the initial engineering contracts secured by the firm.
Kotakinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Pan Malaysian Forestry Development Program
Under contract to the Canadian International Development Agency and the UNDP/FAO Pan Malaysian Forestry Development Program, participated in a major forest industries development project in Sabah, Malaysia.  Responsibilities included a worldwide study of markets for wood and wood-based products, an assessment of alternative development plans, a cost-benefit analysis of forest industry development, and preparation of policy guidelines for optimum resource development.
CellFor Inc.
Vancouver, Canada
Technology Transfer

CellFor Inc.

Forest biotechnology and clonal forestry development with special reference to the production, testing and marketing of improved genotypes of Radiata pine, Southern pine and Slash pine x Pinus caribbaea Hybrid. Target markets included Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, New Zealand and Australia. Activities included project identification, economic feasibility & risk assessment, joint venture negotiations, and operations start-up.

CellFor Inc.


Cetec Engineering Company Inc.
Vancouver, Canada
Greenfield Forestry and Forest Industry Complex

Cetec Enginnering Company

Project to plan, fund and develop a world class forestry and forest industry project in Tierra del Fuego, Magellan, Chile.  The US$ 65 Million investment, was led on behalf of a Canadian public company and aimed at developing an integrated forestry operation consisting of woodland operations, a mechanized sawmill complete with dry kilns and remanufacturing facilities, a power generating plant, a deep water port facility and worker accommodation. Gryphon's major responsibilities included:

  • Identifying and evaluating 9 investment options in Chile.  Selecting the best site and defining the optimum industrial/product mix for efficient resource utilization.
  • Establishing an investment subsidiary in Chile and managing its day to day operations, including all legal, financial, public relations, staffing and other administrative activities.
  • Selection, hiring and management of international consultants and contractors, and directly contributing to the engineering and feasibility work executed.
  • Negotiating and contracting with private landowners and the Government of Chile for the purchase of 260 thousand hectares of land containing in excess of 108 thousand hectares of accessible forest, stocked with over 60 million m3 of commercial timber.  Negotiating and signing with the Government of Chile a foreign investment contract worth US$ 85 million, and a fiscal incentive contract granting the project total duty and tax exemptions, and other major investment subsidies.
  • Working with the Company board and executives in making financial presentations to stock brokers, evaluating optimum investment options and securing the financial resources necessary for developing them
Reid Collins & Associates Ltd./F. L. C. Reid & Associates Ltd.
Cali, Colombia
Forestry Development Plan
Under the aegis of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Institute for Development of the Renewable Natural Resources of Colombia (INDERENA), assisted with a major forestry development project in the Pacific Coast of Colombia. The project included: assessing the region's forest resources; developing forest management, wood harvesting and industrial development options; studying the domestic and international markets; completing a benefit/cost analysis and socio-economic impact study of the best options; and preparing a long-range forestry development plan for the region.
Alberta Newsprint Company/NLK & Associates
Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada
Paper Machine
Costing, financing, procurement and delivery of a US$ 60 million, 220,000 metric tons per annum newsprint paper machine from Brazil to a Canadian green field pulp and paper project.
Cranefield International Inc. - Inversiones Cranefield Chile Ltda.
Valdivia, Chile
Forestry Investment
Co-founded, established and completed the "Initial Public Offering" (IPO) of Cranefield International Inc, a Canadian company dedicated to the management and commercialisation of privately owned timberlands.  From its offshore base in Antigua, British Virgin Islands, Cranefield International led its foreign investment into Region X of Chile. There, the company signed a US$ 35 million foreign investment contract with the Government of Chile, purchased a 3,500 hectare tree farm and commenced harvesting, reforestation and log export operations.  Assisted by a joint marketing agreement with Sumitomo Corporation, the company successfully penetrated the Japanese and Chinese markets.  A 750,000 seedling per year nursery was established to supply plants for in-house reforestation and for sale to the open market. During its start-up year, the company produced over 70,000 m3 of timber in only 9 months of operation.  The success of this Chilean venture was largely based on the transfer of Canadian tree nursery capability, and road building and logging technology for high rainfall and difficult terrain conditions.

Temanex Consulting Inc.
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Kraft Pulping & Value Mode

Under contract to CellFor Inc. and working in partnership with Temanex, developed a detailed pulping model to identify the benefits of CellFor's wood lignin modification biotechnology. Bleached hardwood Kraft pulps of poplar and eucalyptus were used as working examples. A "Qualitative/Quantitative Value Model" was produce estimating the value of using genetically modified seedlings for this trait in forestry plantations. Detailed flowcharts, from tree planting and silviculture to timber harvesting, and from wood delivered millside to bleached hardwood Kraft pulping and pulp sales were developed, including:

  • All physical and chemical process conditions for the production of BHKP, and
  • Typical BHKP quality and sensitivities to fibre supply, pulp yield, and related characteristics.

Inversiones el Faro S.A./CITIFOR
Santiago, Chile
Investment banking operation in support of the management take-over of the second largest sawmill and remanufacturing facility in Chile. The purchase, made from Shell and CITIBANK, required an investment of US$ 65 million. It included: a 36 thousand hectare plantation forest; related logging and trucking equipment; a world scale sawmill, dry kilns, remanufacturing and furniture component plant, posts and pole treatment facility, and chip mill with a log input capacity of over 250 thousand m3 per year.

Governments of British Columbia and Canada
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Government/International Affairs

Expo 86

  • Planned and implemented the VIP Business Visitors Program to EXPO 86 (Vancouver's successful World Exposition), and assisted with the development and operation of the British Columbia Pavilion at this fair.
  • Managed the business and technology transfer program for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM 1987) held in Vancouver, Canada.

Greenbelt Renewable Energy Inc.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Second round financing for a start-up Canadian company established to build, own and operate biomass fuelled power plants for the co-generation of electricity and thermal energy. Assignment undertaken as MIRA Capital, a division of Gryphon Resources.
INERHI/Organisation of American States (OAS)
Quito, Ecuador
Regional Planning
Strategy and Projects for Regional Development in Region I, Provinces of Imbabura, Carchi and Esmeraldas, Ecuador.  Sectorial Report, Phase I/Santiago - Mira Project
Andean Common Market/CIDA
Lima, Peru
Electronic Industry Study
Electronic Industry Development under the aegis of the Junta del Acuerdo de Cartagena and the Canadian International Development Agency The study included the markets of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. It estimated the regional/extra-regional demand for electronic products and assessed the potential for developing various types of manufacturing facilities in the Andean Common Market
BC Hydro
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Power Station
Under contract to the main project contractor, assisted in a Socio-Economic and Environmental Impact Assessment of a 2,000 MW Coal Fired Thermal-Electric Power Project at Hat Creek, British Columbia, Canada.
Greenbelt Renewable Energy Inc.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Renewable Energy
Energy planning and environmental assessment for a biomass power generation investment in Western Canada. Project entailed generating 25 MW from sawmill waste at a Northern Interior location in British Columbia, with electricity sales to B.C. Hydro under the new “green energy program”. Project was selected in a competitive review to go to tender.
Council of the Forest Industries of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC, Canada, & People’s Republic of China
Market Development
Research and development of new market opportunities for solid wood products in key market areas of the world, including the United Sates, China, South Korea, Mexico and India. A comprehensive market development program was implemented for each market area, including the design and construction of Canada’s first two housing demonstration projects in Shanghai and Beijing in the People’s Republic of China.
Silvagen Inc. & GenFor S.A.
Vancouver, BC, Canada & Santiago, Chile
Business Plan
Business plan preparation for the Chilean joint-venture operation of a Canadian forest biotechnology company, Silvagen Inc. (now CellFor Inc.) and the Chile Foundation. The project included a successful application for an $85,000 technology transfer grant from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).
World Bank
Washington D.C., USA
Regional Development
Retained by the World Bank to design and plan the forestry and agro-forestry components of a US$75 million economic development program to alleviate poverty in Central-South Chile.
Natural Resources Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Alternative Transportation Fuels (ATF)

Technical and economic advice to Natural Resources Canada on alternative transportation fuels (ATF) and related air emission issues for British Columbia. Organised and lead the Secretariat for the Air Emissions Monitoring Committee for the ATF demonstration programs in B.C.

Natural Resources Canada

Council of the Forest Industries of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC, Canada, & People’s Republic of China
Market Development
Under contract to COFI completed a series of market studies detailing the opportunities for residential wood frame construction in China. The principal markets were identified and evaluated and, based on findings, the most comprehensive cost comparisons done to date of traditional construction techniques and materials compared to typical North American wood frame systems, were completed. Furthermore, a detailed cost comparison of different roof construction systems and materials, namely concrete, steel and wood frame, was also undertaken.
Department of Primary Industries - Forestry
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Risk Analysis and Evaluation
Under contract to the Government of Queensland, Australia and in association with Carson Associates Ltd. of New Zealand completed a detailed risk review and appraisal of the clonal forestry program of DPI Forestry for Southern pine hybrids. This was the first study of its kind undertaken in the world and showed that clonal risks when properly identified can be economically assessed, ranked and managed according to the degree of hazard they present.
Cryogas Engineering Ltd.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Project Finance & Marketing
Corporate and project finance and marketing for a R&D company seeking to manufacture skid-mounted natural gas liquefiers to provide fuel for commercial vehicles in remote locations. Projects promoting the use of the mobile gas liquefiers were promoted in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Argentina and Chile.
Environment Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Environmental Planning
Under contract to Environment Canada, review of the future industrial and energy sector output, and related consequences for air emissions and air quality in the Georgia Basin – Puget Sound area of the Pacific Northwest of North America as part of the Canada-US International Air Strategy for this region. See www.ec.gc.ca.

Sample Projects