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5931 Pearl Court
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About Us

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Who We Are
Founded in Vancouver Canada over 30 years ago by two graduate students and a professor at the University of British Columbia, Gryphon Resources has grown to include a successful group of skilled economists, application engineers, scientists, and marketing and financing specialists, providing effective technical and business solutions to clients world-wide. Our staff and associated team of consultants have an excellent balance of theoretical knowledge and operational experience, having worked successfully for many of the world's largest corporations and institutions. Rapid decision-making and quick response to evolving technical and market realities are two important attributes we consistently bring to our projects. With experience in over 20 countries from the Canadian Artic to Patagonia and from Africa to Asia, Gryphon spans the world providing integrated and comprehensive business solutions in natural resource development.

Our Mission
"At Gryphon we are committed to enhancing the business of our customers by the effective application of novel technologies and solutions to their strategic and operational problems. True to our professional nature, we are dedicated to excellence and an unshakeable work ethic to provide fair and timely value for our services. While we aim to achieve, we do so with great joy, a sense of humour and a light heart."

Business Principles
In a rapidly changing world it is essential that the Gryphon teams are clear about subjects of business conduct. The business principles adopted by Gryphon stem directly from the vision and values we have continuously demonstrated to clients, staff and other natural resource stakeholders from the early days of the Company. We remain committed to these principles not only because they are the right thing to do but because we trust that compliance will greatly enhance the value Gryphon brings to clients and shareholders.

Vision and Values